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Technical support
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Technical service
Specializing in communication, purchase and sale of products and intelligent construction project, have the core professional technical team, senior technical personnel from within the industry for more than 10 years of experience in the lead, and provide technical advice and professional solutions more than professional and technical personnel for you.
Consulting service
Consulting service refers to the user to our company to understand the use of HUAWEI equipment in the process of daily operation and maintenance services. The specific contents include: general system consultation, product consultation, hardware consulting, software consulting, data consultation, data sharing and so on. Our company provides technical information through telephone, e-mail or mail, so that users can grasp the latest maintenance experience in time, and understand some preventive measures that they need to deal with.
Field-on support service
The on-site technical support service is refers to the user abnormal state, in the use of HUAWEI devices encountered difficulties in equipment or by telephone, fax, email to our technical support and help, I Division in confirm the user's service request, will arrange technical personnel to help the user to locate the fault in the prescribed time. And put forward the solution, finally troubleshooting. In the process of dealing with failures, our technicians provide solutions based on the nature of the problems, such as telephone support, remote technical support, on-site service and so on, so as to guide users to solve problems.
The specific contents include: hardware failure, software failure, and other requirements of the user.
Faulty parts Service
The fault part service refers to the failure of the hardware during the operation of the customer's equipment. We provide the customer with the hardware maintenance service and emergency spare parts support for the original rework.
Training services
In order to meet the training needs of different customers at different levels, we have established a standardized and professional user training system.  The training contents include: system introduction of product, basic principle, introduction of hardware, operation and maintenance, fault analysis and processing and so on.
Inspection Service
Patrol inspection means that our company arranges engineers to conduct on-site inspections on the equipment running by customers, and find hidden dangers in the operation of the equipment in time, reduce the probability of equipment failure, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment.